Friday, December 23, 2011

Hey there and there and there.Tried to change the technique on this..and from now on.That cube is wroooong i know...
Buh bye


  1. wonderful bust study ivan. lol i was squinting so hard trying to see which one was the actual photo, then i spotted the little flat square panel behind the head in the actual photo xD.

    hmm.. you're right about the cube. perspective seems right but i think it's either jutting forward more than the original OR it's elongated at the front face. good work!

    btw... do you happen to have a sketchbook on

  2. Thank Teapo
    I saw many differences between my study and the image but i didn't want to correct them because as a study it looked pretty well.

    I do not have a CA sketchbook..for now..maybe i'll do one sometimes next year when i'll draw/paint more and better.