Saturday, August 30, 2014

These are 2 tiny sketches i did for a challenge called 7 days of color on facebook which i discontinued unfortunately.
The last one is done for a groupd i created on facebook called Daily character design where we give 2 topics each day,this one being called shaolin monkey.If you're interested in joining our daily exercise go here.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Today i'm going to delight you with some composition sketches inspired by Eytan Zana gumroad.The second one might look very dark for you but it was on purpose,the brightness being between 0-40 in the hsb sliders in photoshop i think.

The third image are some value studies after Robert McGinnis and John White Alexander.

The colored backgrounds are from 2 games i worked on and you can play them here

Also i would like to help...all the art comunnity by sharing this crowdfunding campaign for an online "Tv" channel with 8 hours live workshops daily plus another 16 hours of documentaries,interviews etc.You can check the teachers lineup which is badass.And help make this real by pledging if you afford.