Thursday, January 19, 2017

Blocktopus is on Steam Greenlight-We need your vote!

Blocktopus is on Steam Greenlight

It's been a long time since i last posted on here.I apologize for the absence.

Today i came to show you one of the last games i have worked on called Blocktopus and that is getting close to being Greenlit but we still need a push and we would appreciate your help to make this dream come true.

The Evil Block Corporation uses seawater to create their blocks for astronomical profit in the toy-making business. Along the way, their block machine traps tons of poor, helpless, adorable sea creatures inside blocks and then dumps them down the garbage chute and back into the sea. 

You play as the Blocktopus, the little helper of the sea, and go about rescuing all of the sea creatures trapped in the blocks. You have special colored tentacles that destroy the same color blocks on contact. As you move, you rotate 90 degrees clockwise, so plan your turns accordingly to save as many creatures as possible. 

Use the bonus objects you collect to power up the Blocktopus and free ALL the creatures. Plan ahead, commit Blockicide, and have some fun! 

Blocktopus is a casual Strategy/Puzzle game. It will be released for Windows first, with plans to port to Linux and Mac OS soon after. Blocktopus has many awesome features that makes it a fun and relaxing game for all:

-Cutest Creatures You Ever Did See
-30+ Levels with Varying Difficulty
-Bonus Clams that Release PowerUps for Blocktopus
-Fish that Give Extra Turns When Caught
-Storage of PowerUps Between Levels
-Sea Mines that Can Kill the Blocktopus 
-High Score Challenges
-Xbox One Controller Support
-Steam Controller Support
-Unlimited Play with Random Maps Mode
-Planned Future Updates with Additional Levels and More!

Blocktopus is a great game to play while relaxing on the couch with a controller in hand!

The first players to reach certain high scores can share screenshots on our Facebook Page for a chance to win Steam Gift Cards.

NOTE: The game is still in progress and some assets and screens are missing from the version presented here.

Now what are you waiting for?Go on and check the trailer out and help us!You can make a difference!

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